Earthgreen Landscapes
Earthgreen Landscapes
Landscape Conservation Services | C-10 #80657


Believers in crafting beautiful landscapes for people and wildlife with Mother Earth in mind. 


Melissa Gonzalez, Owner of Mother Earth Studio is a landscape designer and contractor that specializes in creating pollinator habitats with healing properties for the human soul. She is a proud Nevada native and inspired by the unique desert flora and fauna for her creative work in her industry. She balances landscape design with landscape management work for the success of the southwestern ecosystem. She believes in conscious landscape practices that sustains and flourishes the land and uplifts its inhabitants. 



At Mother Earth Studio we try our best to contact new potential clients within 24-72 hours. Mother Earth Studio is hands-on and meets with clients one-on-one on a continuous basis. Please leave contact information for your inquiries and Melissa, Owner of Mother Earth Studio, shall respond as promptly as possible. Thank you!